O U R   H A N D M A D E  T R E A T S Are Now Available On Click on the button below to order directly from Uber Eats GO TO UBER EATS LOCATED AT KENNEDY ROAD & ELLESMERE ROAD Devotion & Care Continuing a practice begun centuries ago, Pâtisserie Royale uses only the finest ingredients to offer the very best in traditional Lebanese and Syrian pastries. VISIT US H A N D M A D E  T R E A T S Made with Love Each delicate pastry is assembled by hand and is made with real clarified butter, Canadian flour, Californian nuts and the finest Green Pistachios VIEW BAKLAVA MADE DAILY & TO ORDER Cream & CHeese Made with fresh cream or cheese with daily limited availability. Keep refrigerated. VIEW CREAM & CHEESE DIPPED, FILLED, SPRINKLED MOUTH WATERING Our cookies are handmade in house using the finest ingredients. Trays and assortments are available. VIEW COOKIES & MORE


Welcome to the ultimate destination for baklava lovers! We are delighted to introduce you to the best baklava bakery in Toronto, where we take pride in serving our customers with the most delicious and authentic Middle Eastern dessert. Our baklava is made with premium-quality ingredients, including layers of flaky pastry dough and a rich, sweet filling of ground nuts. Each bite is a perfect balance of crunchy, nutty, and syrupy flavors that will leave you craving more. Our team of experienced bakers brings their passion for this traditional dessert to every batch they make, ensuring that every piece of baklava is made with the utmost care and attention to detail. We invite you to come and savour the very best of Middle Eastern baking expertise and tradition. Attentive service, honesty and the finest quality ingredients are what separate Pâtisserie Royale from everyone else. Taste the difference for yourself!


Crispy and Fresh. Made with the finest ingredients.


Made with fresh cream or cheese. Keep refrigeratged.


Filled, Dipped, Decorated. Design and baked in house.

Now offering delivery service in the GTA and across Canada. Contact us for details.


Create your own party tray or mixed box. Choose from a large variety of baklava and cookies.

CBC Feature

SEPT 2021

At the centre of this place is a gentleman named Mohammad Jamous. He is originally from Tripoli and he came to Canada in the mid-70s, found himself in Montreal. He says he wasn’t intending on ever becoming a baker or a cook, but he was influenced by his dad, who is this well-known master baker.

So he’s in Montreal, which has a very thriving Lebanese community going back many decades, and he finds himself working at a very popular bakery there called Pâtisserie Mahrouse, which is still around to this day. That’s where he spends a decade and a half mastering baklava.



NOV 2014